We are driven by the prospect of putting the next generation in the driving seat, under the hood, and involved in the vibrant community of historic car enthusiasts.

Our resolve is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the intrinsic value of classic cars – not merely as relics of the past but as beacons for the future. Our dedication to nurturing passion, along with developing the necessary skills in young enthusiasts, is more than a mission; it's a promise to bridge generations. We aim to create a future where the past is not only remembered but is also a living, breathing part of our everyday lives.

Our passion is to see the next generation of young people driving, maintaining and enjoying historic cars.
Our promise is to drive change. If nothing is done, the world of classic motoring will change and perhaps disappear. Society is shifting and the car world is undergoing seismic technical changes; attitudes to driving and the ambition to own a car, particularly among millennials, is changing too.
Our purpose is to promote access to classic cars. The old-car world provides a real haven in the digital age: enjoyment, adventure and community. It's a place to belong; where friendship, common interest and mechanical fun are self-evident; where things are repaired and not thrown away. StarterMotor is determined to ensure a big welcome to the historic motoring community for young people by supporting them in their ambitions.

Our commitment lies in providing a comprehensive educational framework that encompasses the entirety of the classic car sector.

From the intricacies of engineering and the precision of manufacturing to the creativity of sales and the strategy of marketing, we lay the foundations for a robust future in motoring. Our aim is steadfast: to preserve the heritage—and ensure the future—of classic motoring by fostering passion in the younger generations and providing them with unparalleled access to training and mentorship.

There is a clear need to encourage the next generation to take up careers in the historic vehicle industry and to enjoy historic cars. With the way historic and classic vehicle prices have risen in the last 10 years it has become harder and harder for young people to become involved, making the StarterMotor fleet ever more vital.
StarterMotor has connections with schools, colleges, universities and apprenticeship schemes and provides vehicles and other resources for their students to not only learn from, but also to use in competitions, events and shows. We also work with industry partners to assist young enthusiasts in finding a part to play in the industry.
There is a great need for engineering and craft apprentices, as well as roles in areas such as insurance, sales, event management, marketing and auctioneering, all of which require specialist knowledge and passion.

Our home at Bicester Heritage is where automotive tradition meets innovation, creating a hub for classic-motoring enthusiasts and experts in Oxfordshire.

Since its inception in 2013, Bicester Heritage has rapidly evolved into the UK's foremost destination for historic automotive excellence. Hosting more than 50 specialist businesses within a meticulously preserved WWII RAF station, it champions the global legacy of classic cars through collaboration and innovation.

Premier Hub for Historic Motoring
Bicester Motion is the UK's singular destination for historic motoring, with sell-out events regularly welcoming thousands.
Thriving Automotive Community
A unique, marina-like ecosystem that supports growth and innovation in the classic-car industry, with a significant collective turnover and global influence.
Preservation Meets Innovation
A blend of history and future, where special events, career opportunities, and world-class facilities drive the preservation of automotive heritage in a modern context.


Building 123
Bicester Heritage
Buckingham Road
Bicester OX26 5HA


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