Ambassadors are the face of the charity, supporting the charity at every turn and being rewarded with the chance to drive an eclectic array of cars.

It is easy to assume the StarterMotor Ambassadors are all young engineers and mechanics, but it covers the whole spectrum of the industry. Some aren’t even at the stage of choosing their career path yet – but they all receive the same support and guidance.

What is an Ambassador?
Ambassadors are the young volunteers who represent the charity. Most are employed in the sector with careers that range from mechanics to marketing. They attend the various events where StarterMotor appears across the country, help present at schools and colleges and will be found at the wheel of classics from the fleet.
Why do you need Ambassadors?
We believe young Ambassadors are the very people to demonstrate the enjoyment and many benefits of being a part of the historic car and motorsport community.
How can I become an Ambassador?
If you are aged from 15 to 25 and have a passion for old cars and motorsport, understand and support StarterMotor’s mission and are already connected to the classics world, email us at to let us know what you are up to. We will take it from there.


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