The sector is a very significant player in the UK economy, with more than one million classics registered, but young people sometimes struggle to discover all it has to offer.

StarterMotor is investing in the next generation of historic car enthusiasts by providing access to events, careers, learning resources and to the cars themselves. This is possible because of donations, and support from organisations such as Bicester Motion, Hagerty, Goodwood and others, but there's so much more needed to sustain our very special old-car world and see it thrive in the years to come.

StarterMotor works closely with its associates in providing real value and lasting results. There are five support steps reflecting the level of activities and visibility. If you or your organisation would like to become a charity Principal, Patron, Partner or Specialist (see below) please email us and we will begin the conversation.

During the course of each year, a Principal supporter will provide benefit to the work of the charity in monetary donations as well as benefit in kind that provides savings to the charity. Principals feature prominently in all charity publicity and communications and work closely at its events, endeavours and initiatives. They have influence over activities with the possibility of a seat on the Trustee Board. Present Principals include Bicester Motion and Hagerty Insurance.
A Patron provides benefit in the form of financial donation, but at a lower level than a principal. Patrons will also fundraise on behalf of StarterMotor and provide other tangible benefits. As with a Principal, money can be raised by adding a charitable donation amount to a subscription or membership fee, or to the price of a ticket. This method has the added benefit of presenting the charity each time renewals or events are publicised. Patrons consistently feature in StarterMotor’s initiatives including events, advertising and social media, and have special access to Bicester Heritage for cooperative gatherings. Present Patrons include Scramblers, Historit and Chubb Insurance.
A Partner provides support through donations, often through fundraising, at a lower level than a Patron. StarterMotor works with Partners on specific areas of mutual benefit focused on introducing young people to the historic-car world.
Supporting Specialists help maintain our fleet of 'Drive-It' cars, keeping them legal and roadworthy. They do this largely at their own expense to support the charity mission.
The HCVA is a voice for everyone who has an interest in protecting the future of classic and historic vehicles. It engages with key decision makers to ensure that there is a viable future for us all, working closely with StarterMotor to introduce the next generation to the world of old cars.


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